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MonoKey cards: May 2011.
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Module List
C.101 Learn fruits in Mandarin
C.201 Learn numbers 1-5 (Mandarin)
C.202 Learn numbers 6-10 (Mandarin)
C.203 Learn numbers 1-5 in Mandarin (with video)
C.204 Learn numbers 6-10 in Mandari (with video)
C.401 Learn about family (Mandarin)
C.402 Sequence Family - Recognition (Mandarin)
E.101 Sequence English - Learn Letters Aa-Ee
E.103 Sequence English - Matching: Capital Letters A-E
E.104 Sequence English - Matching: Small Letters a-e
E.105 Sequence English - What Letter is this?
E.106 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Learn Letter Sound
E.107 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Which Letter?
E.108 Sequence English Beginning Letter of a Word 1
E.109 Sequence English Beginning Letter of a Word 2
E.110 Learn rhyming words (_at)
E.111 Learn rhyming words _at - constrained
E.112 Learn rhyming words (_ock)
E.113 Learn rhyming words _ock - constrained
E.114 Learn rhyming words(_at)
E.115 Learn rhyming words _at - constrained
E.116 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Learn Letter Sound Ff-Jj
E.117 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Which Letter? (F-J)
E.118 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Learn Letter Sound Kk-Oo
E.119 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Which Letter? (K-O)
E.120 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Learn Letter Sound Pp-Tt
E.121 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Which Letter? (P-T)
E.122 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Learn Letter Sounds? (Uu-Yy)
E.123 Sequence EnglishPhonics - Which Letter? (U-Y)
E.201 Sequence Math L0 - Introduction to Numbers-Learn
E.202 Sequence Math L0b - Introduction to Numbers-Recognition
E.203 Sequence Math L0a - Number Matching
E.204 Sequence Math L1a - Number: One
E.205 Sequence Math L1b - Number: Two
E.206 Sequence Math L1c - Number: Three
E.207 Sequence Math L1d - Number: Four
E.208 Sequence Math L1e - Number: Five
E.209 Sequence Math L2 - Learn to Count
E.210 Sequence Math L3 - Learn simple Addition
E.211 Sequence Math Number Word
E.301 Sequence About Me
E.302 Sequence Questions About Me
E.401 Sequence Family-Learn
E.402 Sequence Family-Recognition
E.501 Sequence Actions
E.502 Sequence Actions Constrained
E.503 Sequence Actions/Activities
E.601 Sequence Parts of the body
E.701 Sequence Do This
E.801 Sequence Basic Level C1
E.802 Sequence Basic Level C2
E.803 Sequence Basic Level C3
E.804 Identifies environmental sounds (with video)
E.901 Sequence Objects by Function 1
E.902 Sequence Objects by Function 2
E.903 Sequence Objects by Function 3
I.101 Belajar Huruf Aa-Ee
I.102 Belajar Membaca ba-be
I.103 Mencocokkan huruf A-E
I.104 Mencocokkan huruf a-e
I.105 Huruf apa ini
I.106 Belajar Huruf Vokal a, i, u, e, o
I.107 Mencocokkan huruf vokal
I.108 Mencocokkan suku kata
I.109 Belajar Membaca ca-ce
I.110 Belajar Membaca da-de
I.111 Belajar Membaca fa-fe
I.112 Belajar Membaca ga-ge
I.113 Belajar Membaca ha-he
I.114 Belajar Membaca ja-je
I.115 Belajar Membaca ka-ke
I.116 Belajar Membaca la-le
I.117 Belajar Membaca ma-me
I.118 Belajar Membaca na-ne
I.119 Belajar Membaca pa-pe
I.120 Belajar Membaca ra-re
I.121 Belajar Membaca sa-se
I.122 Belajar Membaca ta-te
I.123 Belajar Membaca va-ve
I.124 Belajar Membaca wa-we
I.125 Belajar Membaca ya-ye
I.126 Belajar Membaca za-ze
I.127 Belajar Membaca ba-be step 2
I.128 Belajar Membaca ca-ce step 2
I.129 Belajar Membaca da-de step 2
I.130 Belajar Membaca fa-fe step 2
I.131 Belajar Membaca ga-ge step 2
I.132 Belajar Membaca ha-he step 2
I.133 Belajar Membaca ja-je step 2
I.134 Belajar Membaca ka-ke step 2
I.135 Belajar Membaca la-le step 2
I.136 Belajar Membaca ma-me step 2
I.137 Belajar Membaca na-ne step 2
I.138 Belajar Membaca pa-pe step 2
I.139 Belajar Membaca ra-re step 2
I.140 Belajar Membaca sa-se step 2
I.141 Belajar Membaca ta-te step 2
I.142 Belajar Membaca va-ve step 2
I.143 Belajar Membaca wa-we step 2
I.144 Belajar Membaca ya-ye step 2
I.145 Belajar Membaca za-ze step 2
I.146 Melabel: meja, topi, kuda, dll
I.201 Belajar Angka 1-5
I.202 Tekan suatu angka
I.203 Mencocokkan angka1-5
I.204 Belajar Angka 1
I.205 Belajar Angka 2
I.206 Belajar Angka 3
I.207 Belajar Angka 4
I.208 Belajar Angka 5
I.209 Belajar Berhitung
I.210 Belajar menjumlah
I.211 Sequence Matematika Bilangan dengan lambang Kata
I.301 Tentang Aku
I.302 Pertanyaan Tentang Aku
I.401 Keluarga-Learn
I.402 Keluarga-Recognition
I.501 Sequence Aksi
I.502 Sequence Aksi Constrained
I.601 Sequence Pegang Constrained
I.701 Sequence Tirukan Constrained
I.801 Sequence Tingkat Dasar
I.802 Sequence Tingkat Dasar
I.803 Sequence Tingkat Dasar
I.804 Mengidentifikasi suara sekitar (dengan video)
I.901 Sequence Objek sesuai fungsinya
I.902 Sequence Objek sesuai fungsinya
I.903 Sequence Objek sesuai fungsinya
C.1101 Learn part of the body (Mandarin)
C.1102 Learn parts of the body (Mandarin)
E.1001 Sequence Music
E.1002 Sequence Guess Music
E.1003 Sequence Learn Do Re Mi
E.1004 Sequence Learn Do Re Mi
E.1005 Sequence Learn Do Re Mi
E.1006 Sequence Learn Do Re Mi
E.1007 Sequence Learn Do Re Mi
E.1008 Sequence Learn Do Re Mi
E.1101 Sequence MyBody
E.1201 Sequence Color
E.1202 Sequence Color Constrained
E.1203 Sequence Color Word
E.1204 Sequence Which Color is different.
E.1205 Sequence which color is different
E.1301 Sequence Shapes
E.1302 Sequence Shapes Constrained
E.1303 Sequence Which Shape is different
E.1304 Sequence Which Shape is different
E.1305 Sequence Shapes-Recognition
I.1305 Sequence Bentuk-Recognition
E.1401 Sequence Identify a Picture 1
E.1402 Sequence Identify a Picture 2
E.1501 Sequence Different Category
E.1601 Sequence Feeling
E.1602 Sequence Feeling - Constrained
E.1603 Sequence Matching Feeling
E.1701 Sequence Learn About Places
E.1702 Sequence Identify A Place
E.1703 Sequence Matching Places
E.1801 Sequence Learn About Profession
E.1802 Sequence Identify A Profession
E.1803 Sequence Matching Profession
E.1901 Sequence Learn About Gender
E.1902 Sequence Matching Gender
E.1903 Sequence Gender
E.1904 Sequence Whis One Is
E.2001 Learn about fruits part 1
E.2002 Learn about fruits part 2
E.2003 Learn about fruits part 3
E.2004 Learn about fruits part 4
E.2005 Sequence Fruits part 1-Recognition
E.2006 Sequence Fruits part 2-Recognition
E.2007 Sequence Fruits part 3-Recognition
E.2008 Sequence Fruits part 4-Recognition
E.2101 Learn about actions part 1
E.2102 Learn about actions part 2
E.2103 Learn about actions part 3
E.2104 Learn about actions part 4
E.2105 Learn about actions part 5
E.2106 Actions part 1-Recognition
E.2107 Actions part 2-Recognition
E.2108 Actions part 3-Recognition
E.2109 Actions part 4-Recognition
E.2110 Actions part 5-Recognition
I.1001 Sequence Alat Musik
I.1002 Sequence Menerka Alat Musik
I.1003 Sequence Belajar Do Re Mi
I.1004 Sequence Belajar Do Re Mi
I.1005 Sequence Belajar Do Re Mi
I.1006 Sequence Belajar Do Re Mi
I.1007 Sequence Belajar Do Re Mi
I.1008 Sequence Belajar Do Re Mi
I.1101 Sequence Tubuhku
I.1102   Sequence Tubuhku - Belajar Membaca
I.1201 Sequence Warna
I.1202 Sequence Warna Constrained
I.1203 Sequence Warna dengan lambang Kata
I.1204 Sequence Warna yang berbeda
I.1301 Sequence Bentuk
I.1302 Sequence Bentuk Constrained
I.1303 Sequence Bentuk yang berbeda
I.1401 Sequence Identifikasi Gambar
I.1402 Sequence Identifikasi Gambar
I.1501 Sequence Kategori yang berbeda
I.1601 Sequence Perasaan
I.1602 Sequence Perasaan - Constrained
I.1603 Sequence Mencocokkan Perasaan
I.1701 Sequence Belajar untuk mengenal Tempat-tempat
I.1702 Sequence Mengenali Tempat-tempat
I.1703 Sequence Mencocokkan Tempat
I.1801 Sequence Belajar tentang Profesi
I.1802 Sequence Mengenali Profesi
I.1803 Sequence Mencocokkan Profesi
I.1901 Sequence Belajar tentang Gender
I.1902 Sequence Mencocokkan Gender
I.1903 Sequence Memilih Gender Yang Berbeda
I.1904 Sequence Gender Yang Mana
I.2001 Mengenal buah-buahan bagian 1
I.2002   Mengenal buah-buahan bagian 2
I.2003 Mengenal buah-buahan bagian 3
I.2004 Mengenal buah-buahan bagian 4
I.2005 Sequence Buah bag 1-Recognition
I.2006 Sequence Buah bag 2-Recognition
I.2007 Sequence Buah bag 3-Recognition
I.2008 Sequence Buah bag 4-Recognition
I.2101 Belajar tentang aksi bag 1
I.2102 Belajar tentang aksi bag 2
I.2103 Belajar tentang aksi bag 3
I.2104 Belajar tentang aksi bag 4
I.2105 Belajar tentang aksi bag 5
I.2106 Aksi bag 1-Recognition
I.2107 Aksi bag 2-Recognition
I.2108 Aksi bag 3-Recognition
I.2109 Aksi bag 4-Recognition
I.2110 Aksi bag 5-Recognition
E.2001a Learn about fruits part 1
E.2002a Learn about fruits part 2
E.2003a Learn about fruits part 3
E.2004a Learn about fruits part 4
E.2005a Sequence Fruits part 1-Recognition
E.2006a Sequence Fruits part 2-Recognition
E.2007a Sequence Fruits part 3-Recognition
E.2008a Sequence Fruits part 4-Recognition
E.2101a Learn about actions p1-video
E.2101b Learn about actions p1-picture
E.2102a Learn about actions p2-video
E.2102b Learn about actions p2-picture
E.2106b Actions part 1-Recognition
E.2107b Actions part 2-Recognition
E.2201 Answer "Which ...?" Questions
E.2301 Sequencing with three items - Juice
E.2302 Sequencing with three items - Shoes
E.2303 Sequencing with three items - Sandwich
E.2304 Sequencing with five items - Frog
E.2305 Sequencing with five items - Sandcastle
E.2306 Sequencing with five items - Skating
I.2001a Mengenal buah-buahan bagian 1
I.2002a   Mengenal buah-buahan bagian 2
I.2003a Mengenal buah-buahan bagian 3
I.2004a Mengenal buah-buahan bagian 4
I.2005a Sequence Buah bag 1-Recognition
I.2006a Sequence Buah bag 2-Recognition
I.2007a Sequence Buah bag 3-Recognition
I.2008a Sequence Buah bag 4-Recognition
I.2101a Belajar tentang aksi p1-video
I.2101b Belajar tentang aksi p1-gambar
I.2102a Belajar tentang aksi p2-video
I.2102b Belajar tentang aksi p2-gambar
I.2106b Aksi bag 1-Recognition
I.2107b Aksi bag 2-Recognition
I.2201 Menjawab pertanyaan "Yang mana ...?"
I.2301 Pengurutan 3 Gambar - Jus
I.2302 Pengurutan 3 Gambar - Sepatu
I.2303 Pengurutan 3 Gambar - Roti
I.2304 Pengurutan 5 Gambar - Katak
I.2305 Pengurutan 5 Gambar - Istana Pasir
I.2306 Pengurutan 5 Gambar - Sepatu Roda