Acella-Help to help

Our wish list

An expert in autism with years or hands-on experience.

We need an expert in autism to help us with our computer aided DTT software. We want to make sure that we won't miss anything and that we get it right.

Transparent bio-based plastic resin for injection molding or Polypropylene resin clarified with NX8000 PP clarifier.

We are unable to obtain bio-base plastic resin, and we are not even sure that clear bio-based resin exist.
Please let us know if you have any information about it.
If clear bio-based plastic does not exist, clarified Polypropylene is probably the best material for the transparent sheet protector.
Unfortunately, we couldn't achieve the highest clarity possible because we couldn't get the resin clarified with the latest clarifier (NX8000).

A Linux C++ programming guru who has a good working knowledge in USB programming.

We need somebody to migrate the completed software projects from Windows to Linux.
Unfortunately we haven't found anybody who is good in both Linux and Windows, familiar with multimedia programming, and has some experience in device driver and USB programming.

A mold fabrication expert/trouble-shooter.

We are having some problems with some of our molds, but nobody seems to know how to fix it.

A production house/Video production company that wants to help.

We need to make videos for the computer aided DTT software that we are going to develop and our Fun Learning software which is already available for download. However, we don't have any experience in this field, and we need help.