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Monokey has several key features.

MonoKey has several interesting features:

It accommodates multiple flashcards

While it only displays one flashcard at a time, MonoKey can store several flashcards simultaneously.
Since you may want to replace the flashchard being displayed when you start a new cycle, it makes things a lot less complicated because you can stack the cards in the order they will be used. Removing the top most card and putting it in the bottom position reveals the next card in line without upsetting the order.
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MonoKey uses 2.4GHz wireless chip, which is acceptable all over the world.
Its range is considerably better than most commercially-available wireless input devices (it can reach around 30 feet under ideal condition, but the signal strength can be reduced if needed).
Since MonoKey operates with wireless signal, no cable is required to establish link to the computer. Therefore, you don't need to worry about strangulation hazard.
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MonoKey is equipped with a rechargeable battery. The charging connector is compatible with USB connector, and it can be charged with a commercially available USB charger through a USB-A to USB mini-B cable or connector.
The charging current is very small, around 125mA when the battery is empty, and automatically drops to around 20mA when the battery is fully charged. Therefore, you don't need to be afraid that your battery will explode or will be overcharged.
Additionally, you don't need to replace the battery too often since you can recharge it over and over again (usually 500 to 1000 cycles), which is good for the environment.
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