Acella-Help to help

About us

How we started

The conception of Acella.Org and MonoKey was incidentally catalized by a mother's plea a few years ago.
I was working on a pattern recognition software application for people with visual impairment, when a mother who had a child with autism received a viral email from an virus-infected computer of a mutual friend. The email contained all the email addresses (including mine) in his address book.

She contacted me because my unusual email address made her think that I was working on something that had something to do with cognitive therapy for children, and we exchanged emails a few times.

I was moved by her emails, and I made a promise to myself that I would start something to help people like her.

A helping hand

Major corporations are interested in things that have a huge market share and/or can make a lot of money. We believe that's why tools and software titles that can help only a small number of people are either scarce or very expensive.

We offer help for those who are excluded and/or less previleged as long as we have the ability to do it.

Custom solutions to fit anybody

If you cannot find a tool, device, or software title to meet your child's needs, we can design or customize one specifically for your child.